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Our Team - Jules Saint-Michel - Instrument Workshop

Jules Saint-Michel, Luthier

57 Ontario Street West, Montreal, (Quebec), H2X 1Y8
(514) 288-4343

Our Team

Dean of Quebec violin makers, Jules Saint-Michel has devoted himself for more than 40 years to the making and restoration of violins as well as to the study and expertise of old and modern instruments. A recognized specialist and a judge of international violin making competitions, he has made available to the public a part of his important collection of string instruments.

Claude Saint-Michel learned at a young age the basics of the craft. Today, he concentrates on general administration. He has especially developed import services, wholesale distribution and information systems.

A graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal, Lili Saint-Michel directs sales, instrument rentals and customer and institutional relations. Trained in the United States, she supplies repair estimates and followup. She is also in charge of guided tours in the ECONOMUSEUM of the Violin.

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